Monday, October 25, 2010

A matter of time.........

In our busy lives sometimes certain things get away from us, forgotten but not totally, we know we need to get back to them and are certain that someday soon we will. This blog has been what I have forgotten. I knew I should get back to it, needed to get back to it, but everyday life, work and family has kept me from it. Ok, ok, I just was not sure what I wanted to say or had to say.

Since I have been away I have been busy creating, it’s been great fun witches, water color and acrylic paintings, wonderfully scented potpourris. I gather great inspiration from the fall and it has been wonderful, but as the days grow shorter and the temperature here in Michigan starts its downward spiral it is time for me to make the switch from wickedly fun orange and black to jolly red and green.

As fun as my witches are to create I enjoy the warmth and joy that comes with the Kringles. With his white beard and the glint in his eye, Santa brings a feeling that only this jolly old elf can. Each Kringle is as unique as the witches I create, and the same great detail goes into each if not a little bit more.

You can find The Rare Hare Studio on Facebook as well as on Etsy as the Rare Hare. I will be attending a few shows yet this season and will post a listing here of the events.

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