Friday, June 25, 2010

Trying to decide.........

I have the day off today from my "real" job and Its nice to actually be doing something creative. Of course I'm not going to get everything done that I had hope to today. I always said when i had my own business how much I had wished that the days were at least 28 hours long if not longer. Twenty four hours just is not enough time, especially for someone who likes to sleep. But as my family always told me you can only do as much as you are able to.

Today I'm working on a few small watercolor paintings, I had hoped to get done some painted fabric pillows and a few other things to but i don't think its all going to happen. I was wanting to join my fellow artisans Sunday at the Fulton Street Artisan Market, I'm just not sure I have enough to take and the fact that's its a hodge- podge of stuff bothers me too. I have Halloween and Christmas stuff, water color paintings, and some of my Alice in Wonderland pieces. I can not decide if I just take what I have and set up or wait until I can create this "themed" booth like I like to have. My displays always have to be as interesting as the art I'm selling. The fact that I have to get someone to help me for a few hours because I have to teach a class at work and that it might rain is not helping me decide.

I guess ill just keep creating, take an inventory tonight, see what else i can get done tomorrow before and after work and let you all know then if you can find me at the market on Sunday.

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