Friday, July 16, 2010

Freak Show

Well the first character in my little freak show is done. Who knows how many more will come, what characters do you think I should create? I thought I would give you just a small glimpse, but I do not plan to reveal them until the tent goes up, the lights go on and they are all together in one place. The Freak Show will make its West Michigan debut at an upcoming Fulton Street ARTisan Market, look here for the announcement.


  1. She is fabulous!!! I wish I could be there!!!
    Pattee : )

  2. Well you know it will end up here to Pattee when it is all done so you'll be able to enjoy the freak show too. I have been working on the Elephant Man today, he is all sculpted and painted, armature made, just needs to be assembled and dressed. Im having a blast with this.